Catching Up

I suppose because it is my first post it is not catching up at all, but a hello to the world.  Either way I have been busy and I have a lot to share.

I finally started piecing this quilt I bought fabric for back in, I don’t know, December? It took forever to cut the 16 wedges for 12 circles each.  Sewing them all together I managed to cut my centers with out seam allowance and started over again.  Now I’m finishing the corner pieces so my circles can become squares and then circles again.  I’m a little scared to piece those, but I get 24 tries so it will look good by the end.


A quilt in progress

I am also the Maid of Honor in a wedding coming up in November, the day after Thanksgiving.  The bridal shower is next month and we chose a french cooking theme, with a cooking demonstration and lots of tasty treats.  I decided I really wanted to make the treats so there has been a lot of practicing going on.

The first things I made were mint french macaroons, but the recipe I used said to put the temperature at 325 F which was way too low and my macaroons fell flat and came out more like almond lace cookies.  Not a bad thing, just not what I wanted.

The second batch were much better.  I whisked the eggs much longer and had the oven up at 400F and it made all the difference.  This time I added instant coffee and cocoa powder to the mix for a mocha flavor and they came out delicious.  I still need to figure out how to make them come out flat on top, and dare I say they were TOO airy this time around.

rough going

Mocha Macaroons, second stab

Now that I am making french macaroons I find that I have way too many egg yolks left over and lets face it, the dog can’t eat them all.

So I made a cake.

I suppose it was also an excuse to eat cake and play with my new Neon food coloring, and I enjoyed it, but I don’t think I can call it a total success.  It was a sponge cake, but it came out tough and I’m not totally sure what went wrong but I have a few guesses:

1.  I may have beaten the yolks too long.  I realized much too late in the game that the instructions were referring to beating time by hand, not by kitchen aid. oops.

2.  I live over a mile above sea level and didn’t even consider changing the recipe or the temperature when I baked the cake.  More and more lately I am realizing how important this is and I really need to start paying more attention.

Neon Sponge Cake

I ate the whole thing anyway, I mean who am I kidding, a little toughness didn’t totally ruin it.
Other than these projects I have a few other things in the works.  I craft a lot and my medium seems to change at every whim.  I was working a lot with felt, and I will certainly post some of that work as it comes to completions.   I have also been working a lot with silk, taffeta and lace to make hair flowers, and last Christmas, I made 20 some flannel infinity scarfs that came out real nice.

Christmas Infinity scarfs

A few other things that are bound to come up;
I drafted my fantacy football team 2 weeks ago and thought I was prepared, but know less than I thought.  I ran the Colorado Relay last weekend – 210 miles split between 10 people – it took 29 hours and we ran through the night and rain, I couldn’t walk right for two days.
I hope this was a good crash course in All Things That Are Good, and I hope to see you back soon.
Labor day weekend – Harry Potter marathon- we’re talking food, crafts and…well… All Things That Are Good.

2 comments on “Catching Up

  1. veggiesaurus22 says:

    Great first post! It was a good read, look to see more! ^_^

  2. ....RaeDi says:

    Thank you for coming by and subscribing! I will be happy to watch you from the beginning….RaeDi

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