The past two years since I got back from traveling and settled down to make a real home with my boyfriend and work full time, I have had to re-visit my crafty talents in an effort to create a budget friendly decor.

Having never purchased furniture before, but instead receiving hand-me-downs and things left behind by friends, I had no idea what a financial commitment a couch could be.  Up until recently we didn’t have an Ikea, and any furniture beyond a futon was well into four digits.

My digs

After countless internet searches and trips to furniture stores all over the metro area and beyond, I finally found a matching couch and chair at Macy’s on a half off sale.  Of course our macy’s doesn’t carry furniture, so even that was some 30 miles away.

I found the poofs in Marakech and the cherry coffee table came cheap at an unfinished wood store.  Even though it was cheap, i treasure it knowing I’m the one who finished it.

Fabric- my first love
My mom has been sewing since she was a teenager, even making money on the side for a while as a seamstress in high school.   This means beautiful fabric is always lying around somewhere, and I may have picked up the habit of buying fabric and textiles everywhere I go just because they are pretty.  It took just a little digging for me to find some light weight upholstery fabric, now vintage, that my mom had left over from a pillow project in the 70’s.  I bought some piping and made pillows for the couch.
Then I trued a few yards of several fabrics I picked up in Melbourne and Nairobi at random flea markets to make curtains for our 6ft windows, I didn’t realize how wonky the fabric could get just from disuse.  And finally all the unused pieces made perfect table clothes.

I had also collected post cards from all over in my travels, mostly from museums, so I mixed them with art made by friends in college and threw them in some thrift store frames to make our wall a bit more interesting.


The kitchen is even smaller, but with a large wood block found in the basement, there is always room for a kitchen aid, some sharp knives and of course, Thomas Keller.

Overall I think it came out nice and I really enjoy our tiny space.


2 comments on “Home.

  1. That kitchenaid mixer I think it the best addition to any kitchen. Here I was just reading this post and I saw that mixer and thought.. I need one of those lol. A tiny space is always a challenge to decorate but this challenge can also be fun.

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