Wes Anderson Inspiration

As the crafty seamstress in my group of friends I get to really let the craft juices flow to help make the best, totally unique costumes. Apparently this year was the year of Wes Anderson, and honestly I couldn’t ask for a better muse.

First I tackled Felicity Fox from Fantastic Mr. Fox


A little cruising on Etsy found me the perfect vintage pattern, and the Fabric Worm discount section turned up a pretty decent fabric match.  Add an incredibly artistic friend and that’s one bad ass fox!

A bit closer to d-day some good friends of mine got an itch to replicate the couple of the summer from Moonrise Kingdom, Sam and Susie, which meant the perfect LPD, Little Pink Dress


I used a combination of another stand by vintage pattern and edited in the sleeves and neck line of the felicity fox pattern to make this – on the left 😉


Not the best pic, but I forgot to get a good, but you will just have to trust me that it beat out all the other Susie’s on the block.

On a non Wes Anderson side note the Pebbles and Bam Bam fabric from the last post came in handy for a little Ferris Bueller action. Lucky for my friend, he found a wondering Camron on the town:Image


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