Your Grandmother’s Wedding dress

Your Grandmother's Wedding dress

Recently a friend’s daughter was getting married and she loved her grandmother’s wedding dress, but as a 6′ size 12 there was no way this 5′ size 4 was going to fit. Rather than try and alter the dress, we decided to deconstruct it and turn it into wedding accessories as well as keepsakes for all the other grandchildren so that everyone would have a piece to cherish. Pictured here are some of the garder belts I made as well as two of the clutch purses I created using the Martha Stewart tutorial. I also made several shawls, travel jewelry bags and pin cushions. I really think this is the best way to honor the white dress.


2 comments on “Your Grandmother’s Wedding dress

  1. LubbyGirl says:

    These are amazing – I’ve never tried purses with those frames before. Are they hard??

    • lgargano says:

      My best suggestion is to follow Martha’s instructions to the letter. If you batting is too close to the top it will not fit in the frame, and if it is too close to the seams on the side, you will break needles trying to finish your french seams. I did put a little pocket in the lining before fusing them together that was a nice extra touch not found in the tutorial.

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