Dill Pickles

I suppose if I am on this pickle kick I should write about traditional pickled cucumber.  We used a standard refrigerator dill recipe and an ad-hoc bread and butter pickle recipe.  No one could decide which was better, but the left overs were gone faster than any other pickles we have made. This post is about the Dills.

Again, thanks to Isabel farms and their delicious pickling cucumbers, we had the best of local produce to cook with.

We used 5 lbs of these guys for each of the two recipes.  I tried to keep track of the measurements, but these come out best if you just keep adjusting for taste and any needed additional liquid.

Dill Pickle Recipe:

5lbs cucumber – we did long sandwich slices, but spears are good too.

2C Apple cider vinegar (Or 1 C each apple and white)

2C water

3Tbs Salt

10 Cloves Garlic

5tsp Dill

3tsp Black Pepper Corns

1tsp Chili flakes (Optional but strongly suggested)

Equally divide garlic, dill, pepper corns, chili flakes into sanitized jars. Fill jars with cucumber slices.  Bring remaining ingredients to a boil on the stove and pour over jars while hot, leaving 1/4″ head room if you plan on processing.

For processing, wipe rims and seal jars, then boil for 12 minutes. After boiling, remove and let cool on counter until lids pop, then store.

Otherwise, seal and refrigerate. Enjoy after cooling and up to 1 month after.


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