A Super First Birthday

I have been dying to host a Super Hero themed birthday, so when my favorite little one turned one I jumped on the opportunity!

I started with the decorations. We have a chalk wall in the dinning room so I decided to show off some of Emerson’s big milestones:

fullsizerenderI have a little ways to go but I plan to fill in the diamond with favotire things to do, and in the section under teeth I write down favorite foods. It is the perfect focal poit to base the rest of the decorations around and will doubled as a photo backdrop!

Next my sister revisited the bra and pantie cookie tutorial to make some super cookies! She bought these comic thought bubble cookie cutters and then mixed up the frosting in primary colors. In the next round I think we will try more with contrasting outlines and some different polka dot techniques for more variety.

img_3231They turned out pretty cool looking and were delicious!

For the rest of dessert we decided to go with a home made Ice Cream Cake  but instead of chocolate we went with this Funfetti Cake from scratch recipe and then covered the whole thing in whipped cream that we died a bright comic blue to stay with the color theme. It was such a delicious combination I forgot to take a picture!

Finally I found some free printables on pinterest (and these) and use them to make a cute birthday banner, post comic thought bubbles around the house and make cute little cupcake toppers. Because we went with cake we just used the toppers for home made mini corn dogs instead that were a huge hit! We taped the Thank you banners to cellophane bags with the cookies in them for guests to take home as little thank you gifts.

Overall I was quite pleased with the outcome and I think the guests enjoyed it too!


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