Radish Refrigerator Pickles

Radishes are so delicious especially in the summer and they flood the farmers market just begging to be saved for the winter.  The more pickles I make the more I value vegetables that don’t require too much pre-prep and have a brine that doubles as a salad dressing – these definitely fit the mold.

radish boiling

This is based off a Pinterest find that I tweaked after finding there was not quite enough liquid and to add a bit more spice to make the brine more flavorful as a salad dressing.

I grabbed 3 large bunches of radishes from the farmers market – cut the greens off and save for radish green pesto 

Cut radishes in quarters (halves if they are small) and mix with the salt in a large bowl and cover with ice. Set aside.

In a medium size pot bring the rest of the ingredients to a boil.

Rinse off radishes and add to liquid. Bring back to a boil and then remove from heat and add to jars.

You can sterilize and process the cans or throw them into the fridge – your choice.

So beautiful, so delicious!

radishes done


3 radish bunches

1/4 c salt

2 c  Apple Cider Vinegar

3/4 c sugar

1.5 tsp Coriander Seeds Whole

1tsp Peppercorns


Pickled Cherries

For our wedding my Fiance and I decided that we wanted out thank you gifts to be unique and hand made. After dozens of ideas we finally agreed on pickles! To keep it interesting each table at the wedding will be identified by a different pickle rather than a number so we can make many different recipes throughout the year with local, seasonal organic fruit and veg.  

These are all so easy and so delicious I can’t help but make double batches so that we have plenty to keep and eat for ourselves and use as universal environmentally friendly holiday gifts this season.  So far we are about half way through and I thought it would be fun to post recipes and results.

Where better to start than the first pickles we tackled, Cherries.  These I picked from my mom’s cherry tree last july and they are amazing on salads with a little of the  pickling juices poured over  as a dressing.

Pickled Cherries


(This recipe is per/jar)

roughly 3 cups Bing cherries pits removed (believe me it’s worth the effort)


3/4 cup white vinegar


2tsp Suger (you can add more, up to 1/4 cup, if you want extra sweetness but I suggest trying them savory first)


4 cardamom pods


1 teaspoon peppercorns


1 teaspoon whole coriander


pinch chili flakes (optional)

bring all the vinegar and suger to a boil in a pot.  Add the spices and cherries to sanitized jars individually and pour the boiling liquid in on top.  

For long lasting storable pickles seal and boil the jars for 12 minutes as store as long as you like.

For an easier ready to eat version,  just shake to mix and refrigerate after adding the liquid. If you make them the refrigerator way, they can be enjoyed a couple hours after mixing and up to one week, maybe a little longer after. In the refrigerator version, the longer they sit the more pickled they taste.